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Distrokid content id

Click on the user name or profile icon in the upper right corner of the page. Look for the “ Account Settings ” screen. Go to the left side of the screen, and select the “ Monetization ” option under the “ Channel Settings ” menu. Find and click on the blue-white button “.

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I used to love Distrokid and had their top account, but then this happened...I share my story of how I went from Distrokid 's #1 fan to being banned for edito. Support ; Industry Gateway. Aug 03, 2019 · Next Distrokid YouTube Content ID Run by Audiam BeatStars has paid out $200M to creators on its platform Music production marketplace and. That's because if their remix gets uploaded to YouTube, Content ID may claim it as yours. Or if the remixer opts into Content ID, it may think your version is the same song, and claim it as theirs. It's all very complicated. Your release does NOT contain public domain recordings or songs.

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Distrokid Extras pricing: Shazam & iPhone Siri – $0.99/year/song. Store Maximizer – $7.95/album/year (automatically delivers songs to new stores). YouTube Content ID – $4.95/single/year. Cover Song Licensing – $12/cover song. Leave a legacy – $29/single/year or, $49/album/year (keep tracks up for life).

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Our preferred distribution partners. DistroKid was founded in 2013 and provides musicians with online tools and services that are innovative and easy to use. More than 2.5 million artists globally use DistroKid, and the company distributes 30–40% of all new music globally. Their services include music distribution, monetization, metadata.

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To use Content ID, please follow these steps: 1. When submitting a release in BeatStars Distribution, make sure your audio language is set to Instrumental. Content ID will only appear as an option if Instrumental is selected. 2. Next, when selecting your stores you will need to check off Youtube Music and Content ID. 3.

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