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Jenkins pipeline to create ec2 instance

1. Configure Java on Jenkins.Goto Manage Jenkins-> Global Tool Configuration -> JDK Installations -> Add JDK.Uncheck the option "Install Automatically". Add a Name - "Default". Run the following command in AWS EC2 Server to find the JDK path: readlink -f /usr/bin/java. Nov 26, 2021 · Deploying Spring Boot Application on AWS EC2 instance using Jenkins Pipeline Report this post.

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This pipeline will us a pre-baked builder docker image on the Jenkins slave to build the artifacts. Jenkins and the Nexus repository manager. Students learn to create Maven projects, configure Jenkins to build those projects, and manage the artifacts using Nexus. Prerequisites: Attendees should have familiarity Java development practices.

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The original approach for creating pipelines in Jenkins 2 is now referred to as scripted. At the highest level, Scripted Pipelines are wrapped in a node block. Here a node refers to a system that contains the Jenkins agent pieces and can run jobs (formerly referred to as a slave instance).

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Creating Jenkins Amazon EC2 instance. Let’s start by creating a second Amazon EC2 instance that will serve our Jenkins app. Follow this link and choose “jenkins-app” as your hostname. Create New User. Login to the jenkins instance and switch to root user, create a new user, give it sudo privileges and switch to the newly added user.

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Go back to the main dashboard and click on "Manage Jenkins". Now, click on "Manage Credentials" under "Security" to store AWS Secret key and Access key. Click on "global" under "Stores scoped to Jenkins" --> "Add credentials". On this page, you will be able to store the secrets. Click on the Kind drop-down and select AWS.

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