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North node in 7th house synastry

Of course, this new fling is a secret relationship with his Sun being in my 12th house, and it's a good. 2.3K Likes, 96 Comments. TikTok video from camila regina (@spiritualbossy): "Reply to @sarahncrouse #northnode #southnode #astrology #astrologysigns #astrologytiktok". what it means to have the north node in 1st house south node in 7th house.

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For example: My North Node in Leo in the 3rd house is conjunct someone's South Node in Leo in the 10th and is sandwiched in between their South The composite has Cancer/Capricorn intercepted in the 1st and 7th houses, but there is a hodgepodge of planets in the seventh house: Uranus at 15.

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Node- Vertex/Anti-Vertex: This is one of the prime indicators of marriage in synastry. The Vertex person has a powerful effect on the Node person's For example, the love of my life's North Node is conjunct my Vertex in the 8th house in Cancer. Our relationship was highly intimate, transformative.

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Welcome back, and Happy Father's Day!and if you don't know your chart please get a free chart here at If you're new.

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